This chapter was important because it is where I began to build Kate’s character. I needed to show a contrast between the practical down-to-earth Kate the world saw and the beautiful sexy woman who lurked within. Most heroines are lovely, lithe creatures that retain their beauty through nasty weather, run-ins with bad guys, and everyContinue reading “BLOG# 4 THE HEROINE AND SUPPORTING CAST”

Wild Honey: Book Three of the Meadowlark Trilogy

Ever since I started writing seriously in 1987, I have written my way through everything life has thrown at me including the deaths of three parents and multiple friends, the birth of a child, four major surgeries, and two trying bosses. Out of all that, only one trauma was so great it took an entireContinue reading “Wild Honey: Book Three of the Meadowlark Trilogy”

Silver Springs: Book two of the Meadowlark trilogy

Our guest blogger this week is once again Angel Brady. Her topic is Silver Springs, the second book in the Meadowlark Trilogy and her own personal story. As usual, Angel has a unique perspective, and she sees the creation of this book somewhat differently than I do.  Without further ado, I give you Angel. IContinue reading “Silver Springs: Book two of the Meadowlark trilogy”