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This chapter was important because it is where I began to build Kate’s character. I needed to show a contrast between the practical down-to-earth Kate the world saw and the beautiful sexy woman who lurked within. Most heroines are lovely, lithe creatures that retain… Continue Reading “BLOG# 4 THE HEROINE AND SUPPORTING CAST”


BLOG #3 SALOONS This is one of those places where I tapped into my experience to help me get the setting “right”. I needed a saloon, and that saloon needed a name. When I was growing up, my hometown had four bars, The Silver… Continue Reading “Saloons”

Murphy’s Rainbow Blogs

Blog # 1 Bryan Murphy When I set out to write Murphy’s Rainbow, my first problem was how to get Kate to the middle of Wyoming. The obvious answer, to me anyway, was the Oregon Trail. So Kate and Bryan Murphy were on their… Continue Reading “Murphy’s Rainbow Blogs”

The Cheyenne Trilogy Book Blogs

To mark the re-release of my first three books I have decided to do a weekly book blog featuring them. I will start with an overview of the whole series then jump into Murphy’s Rainbow. I’m planning to do about twenty blogs for the… Continue Reading “The Cheyenne Trilogy Book Blogs”

My Grandmother’s Bookcase

I have very few memories of my Grandma Lampman—she died when I was five—but she had a profound effect on me as a writer. One of the things she left behind was a bookcase filled with books. It wasn’t large as bookcases go, I… Continue Reading “My Grandmother’s Bookcase”

Once Upon a Midnight Waking

People often ask where my book ideas come from. The truth is every book is different. WINTER HAWK began with a single scene.  It woke me up in the middle of the night fully formed, very much as you see it below. I have… Continue Reading “Once Upon a Midnight Waking”

Wild Honey: Book Three of the Meadowlark Trilogy

Ever since I started writing seriously in 1987, I have written my way through everything life has thrown at me including the deaths of three parents and multiple friends, the birth of a child, four major surgeries, and two trying bosses. Out of all… Continue Reading “Wild Honey: Book Three of the Meadowlark Trilogy”

Silver Springs: Book two of the Meadowlark trilogy

Our guest blogger this week is once again Angel Brady. Her topic is Silver Springs, the second book in the Meadowlark Trilogy and her own personal story. As usual, Angel has a unique perspective, and she sees the creation of this book somewhat differently… Continue Reading “Silver Springs: Book two of the Meadowlark trilogy”


One of the quirkiest things about MEADOWLARK  is the title itself. I called it Buckboard Bride originally. One of the first things Swede gives Becky is a buckboard; much like a man buying his bride a car, so she can get around. It was,… Continue Reading “MEADOWLARK 2.5”


When I introduced the Meadowlark Trilogy last time, it occurred to me that it might be fun to ask some of my characters to tell their own stories.  I planned to have each heroine talk about her own book, but Becky was too shy,… Continue Reading “MEADOWLARK 2”