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“South Pass City Historic Site.” Jim Janke’s List of Resources on the Old West, I love to poke around old ghost towns, to walk the deserted streets and imagine what it must have been like. South Pass City, a gold rush boomtown high in… Continue Reading “MEADOWLARK 1”

How It All Began

As with many things in my life, synchronicity played a large part in me becoming an author. It all began in 1986 when a series of seemingly unrelated events came together.  In that year, my hometown, Shell Wyoming, had its centennial celebration. In conjunction… Continue Reading “How It All Began”


Welcome to my blog.  This is where I give my readers a peek into my creative process.  As some of you may know from other blogs I have written, I’m what’s known in the writing world as a pantser. Many authors are planners; they… Continue Reading “LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!”