Award-winning author Carolyn Lampman grew up on the Wyoming ranch her great-grandparents homesteaded in 1887, could ride a horse almost before she could walk, and speaks fluent Wyoming twang.  She began her storytelling career at the age of nine in a two-room school house when she was supposed to be studying spelling. Instead of learning that nature is not spelled with a “ch”, she used the spelling list to make up stories to entertain her classmates. While it is true she got third place in the 4th grade spelling bee, she thinks spell check is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. .  She is, however, still telling stories and the other two members of that 4th grade class remain faithful fans.

Carolyn’s books pull from her own western heritage and the rich history of the West. She loves to find an obscure tibbit, research it and then build it into a book.  History, mystery romance, and humor all weave together into gripping tales that make her books page-turners and rollicking good reads!

AWARDS: National Reader’s Choice award, Couer De Boise Heart of Romance award, RITA finalist and two time Eppie Finalist

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