Winter Hawk

Inspired by true events

The Sioux call her Winter Hawk; the soldiers call her brother in arms; Captain Sommers calls her friend, but none of them see through her disguise. Posing as a seventeen-year-old boy named Abney, Morgan Jessup becomes a scout at Fort Laramie in order to clear her brothers’ names when they are framed for a multitude of crimes they didn’t commit. Armed only with a cryptic comment about an Indian Ring, a warning of danger, and the name Jason Sommers, Morgan begins her search right under her enemy’s nose.  

Investigating the Fort Laramie Indian Ring might be the most difficult assignment in Jace Sommers’ career. Nothing makes sense. The evidence, what little there is, seems to point to the Jessup brothers, and they’ve disappeared. Then there’s Morgan Abney, a still wet-behind the ears kid, who knows way too much to be as innocent as he seems.

As Morgan and Jace struggle separately to unravel the same mystery, falling in love may be the biggest shock of all.

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