Silver Springs


Though Alexis and Angelica Brady are identical twins, they are complete opposites. Angel is strong-willed and stubborn where Alexis is meek and easily intimidated.  Still, the bond between them is unbreakable. So when Alexis begs for her sister’s help in avoiding an arranged marriage, Angel reluctantly agrees to switch places and drive the unwanted suitor away.

Disguised as the straitlaced Alexis, Angel is shocked to discover the prospective bridegroom is none other than Ox Bruford, the only male who has ever touched her heart. A man is the last thing Angel wants in her life. Her independence was too hard-won to give up for something as frivolous as love, but the more she tries to push Ox away, the mores she yearns for his touch. Loving Ox would mean revealing her identity… and her heart.

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