The Jinx and the Pinkerton


Take a woman desperate to escape her past and pair her with the most optimistic Pinkerton Detective to ever foil an evil plot. Add a fake marriage and a two-thousand-mile trek across the wilderness in a wagon train made up of cut-throats and misfits. Mix well with kidnappings, murders, a mysterious stranger with a hidden agenda, enough plot twists to qualify as a maze, and you have the Jinx and the Pinkerton.

While investigating a routine embezzlement case, Luke McCabe stumbles upon a plot that threatens national security. He has just three days to find a wagon and invent a secret identity, so he can follow his suspect on the Oregon Trail.

To Charisse Jones, a new life in Oregon Territory beckons irresistibly. All she needs is a man to drive her wagon. When Luke and Charisse meet by accident, each seems the solution to the other’s problems. But traveling the Oregon Trail is never easy, especially when you throw in a Corgi, a canary, four mischievous children and a barrel full of secrets.

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