Love Bytes

The last thing Kenzie Armstrong remembers is slamming headfirst into a cliff wall. When she wakes up in the arms of a mountain man named Whiskey Jug Johnson, her one thought is to escape. But fear battles with confusion as she flees through the unfamiliar mountains, only to wind up in his clutches again. What’s happening to her? Time travel, a trauma induced coma, death, each possibility is more terrifying than the last.

Adam Johnson is putting the finishing touches on Fantasy Quest, his ground-breaking Simulated Reality game, when a glitch calling herself Kenzie appears in his beta program.  As soon as she interacts with Whiskey Jug, Adam’s character, deleted characters start popping up everywhere, unwise wishes come true and the Sex Hex stops working!  How could a holographic image wreck such havoc? While Kenzie searches for a way home and Adam struggles to delete her from the program falling in love may be the most surprising twist of all.

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