Welcome to my blog.  This is where I give my readers a peek into my creative process.  As some of you may know from other blogs I have written, I’m what’s known in the writing world as a pantser. Many authors are planners; they plan every detail of what they write before they even start. Others-moi- just jump in and write with no real idea of where they’re going or even what the story is about.  They write by the seat of their pants…hence a pantser.

I hope to post at least every other week. That’s my plan. All of it!

I have some ideas tucked away in my thousands of files, and I’m sure others will pop into my head as we go. Some of you have probably read one or more of my book blogs where I share the stories behind the stories. Others of you have attended writing classes or workshops I’ve taught and have heard some of my “author tales”. At this point, I figure both “book blogs” and “author tales” will show up here.

 As for the rest…who knows? Some of my characters may drop by now and then as guest bloggers, or we might go on a video tour of Fort Laramie or South Pass City. My “plan” is to play it by ear. I’m fairly certain my Muse has a severe case of ADHD, but I go where she leads because she so rarely lets me down. So join me now, AND LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

Photo by Louis Lampman: This is the Shell Valley of Wyoming. The Lampman ranch- homesteaded in 1887- lies nestled among the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains near the twin canyons that form the “W”.

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